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Souques's triad

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In the French literature called triade de Souques.

1. Elevation and extension of paretic arm results in involuntary extension and spreading of the fingers.

2. In Parkinsonism suddenly throwing a seated patient off balance by tipping the chair backwards does not result in extension of the legs to maintain balance, due to loss of associated movement.

3. In Parkinsonism there may be sudden and violent over-exertion when the patient attempts to walk or run due to generalised rigidity.

In the French literature I have found this description: Ensemble de symptômes caractéristiques du zona auriculaire par atteinte du ganglion géniculé: éruption vésiculeuse dans la zone de Ramsay-Hunt, troubles cochléo vestibulaires (hyper- ou hypoacousie, vertiges rotatoires avec vomissements) et paralysie faciale de type périphérique totale.

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