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Horton's disease I

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A headache syndrome characterized by inflammation of the temporal and other cranial arteries. A pulseless, enlarged superficial artery and a severe throbbing headache are the principal symptoms. Systemic manifestations include anorexia, insomnia, weight loss, and low-grade fever. When process spreads to ophthalmic artery, blindness may result. Occurs in old age group (7th and 8th decade), seldom before age 55; affects both sexes equally.

I have no data on Möllendorf or his paper of 1867. A single case had previously been described in 1889 by Jonathan Hutchinson. Also reported in 1925 by Vallery-Radot and in 1930 by Max Schmidt (born 1898) as intracranial aneurysm.


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    Temporal arteritis is first described in case 24 (page 532. Schmidt’s paper also appeared in: Bibliothek for Læger, Copenhagen, 1930, 122: 269. case 24, page 320.
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