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Hallopeau's syndrome I

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A chronic atrophic skin disease prevalent in females (ca 6:1), characterized by irregular, firm, mother-of.-pearl or ivory-coloured flat-topped papules with erythematous halos surrounding the white spots. The papules are round or oval; they have shining smooth surfaces and contain dark, comeolike plugs or minute depressions caused by former plugs. In advanced stages, coalescing papules may form large lesions and atrophy may occur. Bullae, haemorrhage, hyperpigmentation, and exfoliation may be present. Onset at any age, but usually around menopause (average age in females 50, males 43).

See also Neumann's disease, under Isidor Neumann Edler von Heilwart, Austrian dermatologist, 1832-1906.


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