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Brocq's disease II

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A chronic form of pityriasis lichenoides characterized by circumscribed plaques or small, brown, scaling papules localized on flexor areas. The papules also appear as smooth and glistening eruptions that may reveal mica-like scales on scratching. Also growth retardation, spastic paralysis, oligophrenia, hypotrichia, genital hypoplasia. Onset at birth. Sometimes a precursor for malignant lymphomas. Autosomal recessive inheritance.


  • L. A. J. Brocq:
    Erythrodermie congenitale ichtyosiforme avec hyperepidermotrophie.
    Annales de dermatologie et de syphilographie, Paris. 1902, III: 1-31. Les parapsoriasis.
    Annales de dermatologie et de syphilographie, Paris, 1902, 4 sér., 3: 313-315, 433-468.

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