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Oswald Marchesani

Born  1900
Died  1952

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German ophthalmologist, born May 1, 1900, Schwaz, Tirol; died 1952, Kiel.

Biography of Oswald Marchesani

Oswald Marchesani was the son of an attorney in Schwas in the Tyrol, then a part of Austria-Hungary, but spent his boyhood in Bozen (Bolzano). He studied medicine in Innsbruck and Freiburg, receiving his doctorate from the University of Innsbruck in 1923. He then worked for four years as an assistant in the university eye clinic, Innsbruck, before he went to Munich to work with professor Karl Wessely (1874-). In 1936 he became professor of opthalmology in Münster. After the Second World War he moved to the chair in Hamburg, where he remained until his death.

Marchesani's particular field of interest was in the anatomy and histology of developmental defects of the eye, and for many years was occupied with the problem of sympathetic ophthalmia. He was highly estimated by his colleagues, both as a compassionate physician and an upstanding human being. In his leisure time he was an enthusiastic skier


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