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Luis Barraquer Roviralta

Born  1855
Died  1928

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Spanish physician and neurologist, Born 1855, Barcelona; died 1928, Sant Climent de Llobregat.

Biography of Luis Barraquer Roviralta

Luis Barraquer Roviralta
Barraquer was particularly interested in human behavioural problems as well as organic diseases, and in 1882 he founded the Catalan School of Neurology in the Hospital de la Santa Creu, the oldest hospital in Barcelona. Here he introduced techniques of electro-diagnosis and therapy, which earned him the nickname «Doctor de Pilas» - Doctor of Batteries.

It was his son, Luis Barraquer Ferré (1887-1959), who connected the reflex with lesions of the frontal lobe. He initially dissuaded his son from entering medicine, but the latter admiring his father greatly; commenced medicine in secret and ultimately the two became close collaborators.

We thank Jordi Peña-Casanova, MD, for correcting errors in our original entry. Jordi Peña-Casanova is affiliated with the Section of Behavioural Neurology and Dementias, Municipal Institute of Medical Care, Barcelona, Spain.

There is a lot of confusion about who is who of the Barraquers. However, this survey from Peña-Casanova should set things straight:

    In the Barraquer family there is a series of people connected with Neurology and others connected with Ophthalmology.

    The Neurologist are the following: Luis Barraquer Roviralta (1855-1928), brother of Jose Antonio Barraquer Roviralta and founder of the Catalan School of Neurology in the “Hospital de la Santa Creu” in 1882. Luis Barraquer Roviralta described the “grasp reflex of the foot” (recognized by Russell Brain in 1950 as “Barraquer’s reflex”). This reflex was studied by his son (Barraquer Ferré) and by Fulton and his group and connected with lesions in the premotor cortex.

    Luis Barraquer Ferré (Barcelona 1887-1959), son of Luis Barraquer Roviralta, continued the work of his father. The son of Luis Barraquer Ferré is Luis Barraquer Bordas, born in Barcelona in 1923.

    The ophthalmologists are the following: Jose Antonio Barraquer Roviralta (Barcelona 1852-1924), brother of Luis Barraquer Roviralta. He was the founder of the Catalan School of Ophthalmology in the “Hospital de la Santa Creu” in 1879.

    Ignacio Barraquer Barraquer (Barcelona 1884-1965), was the son Jose Antonio Barraquer Roviralta. He founded the “Institute Barraquer of Ophthalmology” (1947). He created a series of surgical techniques and instruments that are associated with his name.

    The son of Ignacio Barraquer Barraquer is Joaquin Barraquer Moner.

    Jose-Ignacio Barraquer Moner, also son of Ignacio Barraquer Barraquer, is the founder of the Instituto Barraquer de Bogotá, Columbia.

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