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Curt Schimmelbush

Born  1860
Died  1895

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German pathologist and surgeon, born November 16, 1860, Gr. Nogath, Westpreussen; died August 2, 1895, Berlin.

Biography of Curt Schimmelbush

Curt Schimmelbush from 1879 to 1882 studied natural sciences at Freiburg and Munich, then changed to medicine, attending the universities of Würzburg, Berlin, and Halle. He received his doctorate at the latter university in 1886 and then became an assistant at the anatomical institute under Karl Joseph Eberth (1835-1926). After passing the state examination in 1888, Schimmelbusch was an assistant in the Bürgerhospital in Köln under Bernhard Bardenheuer (1839-1913). In 1889 he entered the same position at the university surgical clinic in Berlin under Ernst von Bergmann (1836-1907), heading the laboratory and for periods also the polyclinic. He was habilitated in 1892, and died prematurely in 1895.

Schimmelbusch was a gifted surgeon of whom much was expected. Despite his youth he contributed numerous and important works in science. Already while a student, with Ebert, he published important investigations on blood platelets, and later published a number of treatises on further results of the same investigations in Virchows Archiv. He also worked in bacteriology and, again with Eberth, discovered the agent of the Frettchenseuche (Virchows Archiv, 1889, 115: 282).

His last works concerned the experimental basis of aseptic wound treatment. His handbook of aseptic wound treatment (Anleitung zur aseptischen Wundbehandlung), summarizing the then present knowledge of the topic, based mainly upon his own investigations, became highly popular. He also published on surgical pathology, the aetiology and furunculosis, Noma, etc.


  • Blutplättchen und die Thrombose.
    With K. J. Eberth. Stuttgart, 1888.
  • Die Thrombose nach Versuchen und Leichenbefunden.
    With K. J. Eberth. Stuttgart, 1888.
  • Experimentelle Untersuchungen über die Thrombose.
    Virchows Archiv für pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie und für klinische Medizin, Berlin.
  • Über da Verhältniss der Thrombose zur Blutgerinnung.
    Virchows Archiv für pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie und für klinische Medizin, Berlin.
  • Die Zusammensetzung der Thrombus.
    Virchows Archiv für pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie und für klinische Medizin, Berlin.
  • Anleitung zur aseptischen Wundbehandlung.
    With foreword by Ernst von Bergmann (1836-1907). Berlin, 1892; 2nd edition, 1892; translated into several languages. List of works in Berliner klinische Wochenschrift, 1895, 32: 731.

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