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Julius Otto Ludwig Möller

Born  1819
Died  1887

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German surgeon, born June 7, 1819, Könighsberg; died August 28, 1887, Königsberg.

Biography of Julius Otto Ludwig Möller

Julius Otto Ludwig Möller was born in Königsberg. He studied in Königsberg, Halle and Vienna, receiving his doctorate in 1840. He was physician in Königsberg from 1841, until 1863 extraordinary professor of practical medicine, director of the medical policlinic and Medcinalrath. In 1863 he was «politisch gemassregelt» and laid down the named positions. From 1845 to 1863 he wrote a number of treatises in various journals.


  • Actenstücke der wider mich geführten Disiplinaruntersuchung.
    Leipzig, 1864.
    (Documents pertaining to the disciplinary investigations against me)

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