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Johannes Fabry

Born  1860
Died  1930

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German dermatologist, born June 1, 1860, Jülich, Rheinland; died June 29, 1930, Dortmund.

Biography of Johannes Fabry

Johannes Fabry studied medicine in Bern and Berlin. He received his doctorate in 1886, and after gaining his medical qualification, Fabry trained in dermatology at the Royal Clinic for Skin and Venereal Disease in Bonn under Joseph Doutrelepont (born 1834), and subsequently in Zürich with Hugo Ribbert (1855-1920). From 1889 to 1927 he was principal medical officer of the Skin Clinic at the Dortmund city hospital, which he developed into a leading centre for that specialty. A charismatic teacher, he attracted many postgraduate students. Fabry's work covered almost every field of dermatology.

Obituary in: Hautarzt 11, volume 6. 1930.

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