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Roberta A. Pagon


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US paediatrician and geneticist.

Biography of Roberta A. Pagon

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  • R. A. Pagon, D. W. Smith, Th. H. Shephard:
    Urethral obstruction malformation complex: a cause of abdominal muscle deficiency and the "prune belly".
    Journal of Pediatrics, St. Louis, 1979, 94: 900. 1979;
    IBID: 1979, 96: 776-777 (Letters to the editor).
  • A. H. Bunt-Milam, R.E. Kalina, and R.A. Pagon:
    Clinical-ultrastructural study of a retinal dystrophy.
    Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science, 1983, 24:458-469.
  • R. A. Pagon:
    Teschler-Nicola/Killian syndrome.
    Journal of Clinical Dysmorphology, London, 1983, 1(3):18-9.
  • R.A. Pagon, J. Allanson, S. Shulman, M. Barr, V. McGravey, C. Dabiri, N. Schimke, E. Ives and B.D. Hall:
    Smith-Lemli-Opitz syndrome-type II: multiple congenital anomalies with male pseudohermaphroditism and frequent early lethality.
    American Journal of Medical Genetics, 1987, 26: 45-57.
  • T. D. Wardinsky, E. Weinberger, R. A. Pagon, S. K. Clarren and H. C. Thuline:
    Partial deletion of the long arm of chromosome 11 [del(11)(q23.3-qter)] with abnormal white matter.
    American Journal of Medical Genetics, New York, 1990, 35:60-63.
  • W.B. Dobyns, E.R. Elias, A.C. Newlin, R.A. Pagon, D.H. Ledbetter:
    Causal Heterogeneity in Isolated Lissencephaly.
    Neurology, 1992, 42 (July 7): 1375

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