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Kiyoshi Takatsuki

Born  1930-07-24

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    Japanese physician and medical scientist.

    Biography of Kiyoshi Takatsuki

    Kiyoshi Takatsuki was the son of Toyoichi and Yoshi (Tanaka) Takatsuki. He married Hiroko Mori on November 27, 1959, and they had one child, Noriko Maasaya.
    He became a doctor of medicine at Kyoto University in 1954 and a Doctor of Medical Science, honoris causa, at that university in 1959. He was associate in medicine at Kyoto University, 1954–1972, associate professor of medicine, 1972–1981, and professor of medicine at the Kumamoto University Medical School 1981–1996. Takatsuki retired from Kumamoto University in 1996. From 1996 to 2003 he was director of the Kitano Hospital. 
    His special interest was in clinical haematology  and clinical immunology. A high point in his career was the discovery, with his collegues, of adult T-celle leukemia in  1976,  
    Takatsuki was councellor to the Japanese Society of Internal Medicine; the Japanese Society of Haematology; the Japanese Society of Immunology and the Japanese Society of Cancer Research.


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