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Charles I. Jr. Scott


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American paediatrician.

Biography of Charles I. Jr. Scott

Charles I. Scott, Jr. graduated from the University of Arkansas School of Medicine, where he subsequently spent his residency in paediatrics. His certification is from the American Board of Pediatrics; American Board of Medical Genetics.

Scott, Jr. is a fellow of Medical Genetics, Johns Hopkins; and University of Birmingham Children's Hospital, Birmingham, England. He is professor of paediatrics, Jefferson Medical College, and a medical geneticist at the Alfred I. duPont Institute, Wilmington, Delaware.


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    Or is it in: Birth Defects Original Article Series, New York, 1971, 7: 260-246.
    Aarskog-Scott syndrome.
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  • Gerald A. Mandell, H. Theodore Harcke, C. I. Scott, Pilar A. Caro, Harry J. Einsig, J. Richard Bowen:
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