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Karl Gunnar Vilhelm Wohlfart

Born  1910
Died  1961

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Swedish neurologist, born March 9, 1910; died March 23, 1961.

Biography of Karl Gunnar Vilhelm Wohlfart

Karl Gunnar Vilhelm Wohlfart was professor of neurology at the University of Lund.

  • N. Antonin:
    [In memoriam Gunnar Wohlfart, 9 March 1910--23 March 1961.]
    Nordisk Medicin, Stockholm 7, 1961, 66: 1146-1147. Article in Swedish.

  • Robert B. Aird:
    Karl Gunnar Vilhelm Wohlfart. March 9, 1910-March 23, 1961.
    Neurology, September 1961, 11: 839-840.


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