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Aristide Auguste Stanislas Verneuil

Born  1823
Died  1895

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French physician, born September 29, 1823, Paris; died January 11, 1895.

Biography of Aristide Auguste Stanislas Verneuil

As a student Aristide Auguste Stanislas Verneuil was a pupil of Jacques Lisfranc de St. Martin Lisfranc (1790-1847), Pierre-Antoine-Ernest Bazin (1807-1878), Charles Pierre Denonvilliers (1808-1872) and Joseph-François Malgaigne (1806-1865). He became interne des hôpitaux in 1843, prosector 1848, received his doctorate in 1852, became agrégé at the faculty in 1853 and Chirurgien du Bureau central in 1856, working successively in the Hôpital Lourcine, Hôpital du Midi, Hôpital de Lariboisière, Hôpital de la Pitié, and Hôtel-Dieu.

In 1868 Verneuil was appointed professor of external pathology, and subsequently, in 1872, professor of clinical surgery at the Hôpital de la Pitié. In 1869 he was elected member of the academy and president of the Société de chirurgie, in 1887 member of the institute. He was emerited in 1892.

Verneuil in particular contributed to the development of dressings, preferring dry dressings. A friend of medical history, he was co-founder of the journal Revue mensuelle de médecine et de chirurgie in 1877. He also founded the Association française pour l’avancement des sciences in 1882. Verneuil was considered a master of the knife.


  • Recherches sur la locomotion de coeur. 1852.
  • Le système veineux, anatomie et physiologie. 1853.
  • De la forcipressure. Bulletins et mémoires de la Société de chirurgie de Paris, 1875, 1 (17): 108, 273, 522, 646.
    Introducing forcipressure in the control of haemorrhage. Republished in book form in 1875.
  • Observation de gastro-stomie pratiquée avec succès pour un rétrécissement cicatriciel infranchissable se l'oesophage.
    Bulletin de l'Académie de médecine, Paris, 1876, 2. série 5: 1023-1038.
    Verneuil's gastrostomy operation, a modification of Sedillot's method.
  • Mémoires de chirurgie. 6 volumes. Paris, G. Masson, 1877-1888.
    Verneuil introduced forcipressure in haemorrhage, dry bandaging, and iodoform in the treatment of abscesses. All his works are included in his Mémoires.

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