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Edouard André Victor Alfred Quénu

Born  1852
Died  1944

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French surgeon, born July 21, 1852, Marquise, département Pas-de-Calais; died 1933.

Biography of Edouard André Victor Alfred Quénu

Edouard André Victor Alfred Quénu studied in Paris, from 1875 partly serving as an intern, and received his doctorate in 1881. From 1890 to 1895 he was director of the Amphithéâtre d'anatomie des hôpitaux, and became professor of surgical pathology, later of clinical surgery. He was a member of the Académie de medecine and the Institute. He was emerited. In 1907 he was president of the Société Nationale de Chirurgie.

Quénu was a collaborator of Simon Emmanuel Duplay and Paul Reclus (1847-1914) in Traité de chirurgie (Paris, Masson, 1897-1899),


  • Anatomie pathologique des kystes non dermoïdes de l'ovaire. Paris, 1881.
  • Des arcs branchiaux chez l,homme. Paris, 1886.
  • Etudes sur le système circulatoire.
    With Félix Lejars (1863-1932). Paris, 1894.
  • Chirugie du rectum.
    With Henri Hartmann (1860-1952). 2 volumes, Paris, 1895 and 1899.
  • Plaies du pied et du cou-de-pied par projectiles de guerre. Paris, 1918.
  • La toxémie traumatique à syndrome dépressif. Paris, 1919.

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