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Michel Victor Pachon

Born  1867
Died  1938

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French physiologist, born May 26, 1867, Clermont-Ferrand; died 1938.

Biography of Michel Victor Pachon

Michel Victor Pachon received his doctorate at Paris in 1892 and from 1895 was professor agrégé of physiology at the medical faculty of Bordeaux. On November 24, 1902, aged 35, he married Marie Andraud and settled in rue Desaix. Two years later, in 1904, he was named chief assistant at the medical faculty of medicine in Paris, serving under Professors Charles Robert Richet (1850-1935) and Marcel Eugène Emile Gley (1857-1930).

In his Paris laboratory, Pachon investigated the pulse of small animals and studied oscillometry – the minimum and maximum values between which the arterial pressure is regulated. About 1910 he developed the oscillometer for measuring such oscillations. From 1911 until he was emerited, Pachon was professor of physiology at the medical faculty of Bordeaux. This faculty now carries his name – Faculte de médecine Victor Pachon.

Pachon translated Ivan Petrovich Pavlov’s (1849-1936) work Lektsij o robotie glavnikh pishtshevaritelnikh zhelyoz. (Lectures on the function of the most important digestive glands) into French.


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