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Maria Dabska

Born  1920

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Polish pathologist, born 1920, Chelmo, Poland. English spelling: Doubska.

Biography of Maria Dabska

We have received this biography from Krzysztof W. Zieliński, MD, PhD. Zieliński is Professor and chief of Department of Pathomorphology and Cytopathology, Medical University, Łodz, Poland:

Maria Dabska as born Maria Suchy. She graduated from the faculty at Gdañsk about 1950 and began working as an assistant to professor Wilhelm Czarnocki (1886-1962) at the Department of Pathological Anatomy in Gdañsk. In 1953 she moved to Warsaw to the Department of Tumour Pathology in the Maria Sklodowska Institute of Oncology. Her chief was professor Józef Laskowski (1900-1970), a leading Polish oncopathologist.

The so-called "Laskowski's histo-clinic school" includes regular consultations and analyses of unusual oncologic cases from the all territory of Poland. This was the inspiring form of post-graduate education of Polish pathologists and the source of many first original descriptions of interesting and rare neoplasms, e.g. aponeurotic epithelioid sarcoma.

Unfortunately the discussions and conclusions were published mainly in the Polish language. One of such examples of rare cases was a series of six low-grade vascular tumours of childhood collected by Dabska and described by her in 1969 as "malignant endovascular papillary angioendothelioma", now often called "Dabska tumour". Thirty years later Dabska was the co-author of the retrospective analysis of this controversial entity.

After Laskowski's death in 1970, Dabska became chief of the department. She was author and co-author of many impressive histological and histoclincal analyses of tumours and their microscopical peculiarities, especially soft tissue tumours, bone tumours, thyroid cancers and skin tumours. Among her other achievements was the first description of a new oncological entity she named "parachordoma", in 1977. In her English-language papers she popularized the name of professor Laskowski in the western literature.

In 1982 Dabska moved to Austria with her son, and later to West Germany, near Hamburg. For a few year she worked as a prosector in Germany. In the end of 1980s, she moved to the United States where she worked in a university in Florida. Her son is a dermatopathologist.


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    [Desmoid tumor - a peculiar clinico-pathological entity]
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  • M. Dabska, J. Meyza, M. Nowack:
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    [Sarcoma aponeuroticum (sarcoma of the aponeurosis)]
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