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Charles Labbé

Born  1851
Died  1889

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French surgeon, born October 8, 1851, Merlerault, département Orne, région Basse-Normandie; died October 22, 1889, Paris.

Biography of Charles Labbé

Charles Labbé was the son of Alexandre Labbé (1823-1888) and Marie Chapey (1830-?), born in Merlerault, where his father was notary. He entered the medical faculty in Paris in 1871, probably inspired by his uncle (?), the surgeon Léon Labbé (1832-1916) who is remembered for Labbé's triangle.

On March 13, 1882, Labbé defended his thesis for the medical doctorate. In 1885 me married Marie Eugenie Boussatón (1863-1891). They had one child, Suzanne, born 1889. Charles Labbé died shortly after the birth of his daughter.

We thank Joseph Constantin, France, for information submitted.


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