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Ferdinand Siegert

Born  1865
Died  1946

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German paediatrician, born April 22, 1865, Neuwied am Rhein; died 1946.

Biography of Ferdinand Siegert

Ferdinand Siegert attended the universities of Freiburg im Breisgau, Giessen, and Strassburg, obtaining his doctorate at the latter in 1889. He was secondary physician at the Hyrtl-Krankenhaus in Möding near Vienna, assistant at the Geneva pathological institute under Friedrich Wilhelm Zahn (1845-1904), as well as assistant and head physician at the university children’s clinic in Strassburg under professor Oswald Kohts (1844-1912), where he was habilitated for paediatrics in 1896.

As the first Kommunal-Fürsorgearzt he founded the Säuglingsfürsorge (an infant care institution) as well as, in 1901, a large Säuglingsheilstatt (infants' nursing home). In 1904 he became ausserordentlicher professor of this discipline at Halle an der Saale, and that same year was appointed ordentlicher professor at the Akademie für praktische Medizin. In 1919 he moved on to the same tenure at Köln. He retired in 1931.

Siegert's work concerns infectious diseases, particularly diphteria, infant and the normal and pathological anatomy of the child skeleton. Of particular importance were his studies on the nutritional demands, in particular children's demand for white of egg, and his demonstration of the importance of heredity in rachitis.


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