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Gilbert Burnett Forbes

Born  1915

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American paediatrician, born 1915, Rochester, New York; died June 26, 2003.

Biography of Gilbert Burnett Forbes

Gilbert Burnett Forbes graduated M.D. from the School of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Rochester in 1940 and interned in paediatrics at Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester. In 1941 he moved to the St. Louis Children’s Hospital, where he became associate professor. He served as the first chair of paediatrics at the Southwestern Medical School at the University of Texas at Dallas, before he returned to Rochester University in 1953 to join the paediatrics department. He was appointed professor of paediatrics there in 1957.

Forbes gained international recognition as a lecturer on body composition and nutrition and fitness. He officially retired in 1981, but was active in teaching until his final illness in 2003.

We thank Søren Nørby, Denmark, for information submitted.


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