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Friedrich H. Lewy

Born  1885
Died  1950

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German-American neurologist, born January 28, 1885, Berlin; died 1950.

Biography of Friedrich H. Lewy

Friedrich H. Lewy studied in Berlin and Zurich and obtained his doctorate in 1910 in Berlin. He worked at the physiological institute in Breslau and at the psychiatric clinics in Munich and Breslau as well as the II. medical clinic of the Berlin Charité. Lewy was habilitated for neurology in Berlin in 1921, becoming professor extraordinary. In Munich, Lewy worked in Alois Alzheimer's (1864-1915) laboratory at the same time that Hans Gerhardt Creutzfeldt (1885-1964) and Alfons Maria Jakob (1884-1931) were there. Quite a combination! He later fled Nazi Germany and moved to the United States of America.

With Theodor Brugsch (1878-1963) he was publisher of the textbook Die Biologie der Person. Berlin and Vienna 1926-1931.

We thank Robert T. Manning, M.D. for information.


  • Die Lehre vom Tonus und der Bewegung.
    Monographien aus dem Gesamtgebiete der Neurologie und Psychiatrie, Berlin, H. 24. Berlin, 1923.
  • Die Oblongata und die Hirnnervenkerne.
    Handbuch der normalen und pathologischen Physiologie. Volume 10. Berlin, 1927.

  • Die Motorik.
    Die Biologie der Person. Berlin and Vienna, 1926-1931.

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