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Gottlieb Heinrich Bergmann

Born  1781
Died  1861

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German psychiatrist, born June 12, 1781, Erichshagen near Nienburg an der Weser; died October 29, 1861.

Biography of Gottlieb Heinrich Bergmann

Gottlieb Heinrich Bergmann studied at Göttingen an received his doctorate there in 1804. He was employed at the Zuchthaus (penitentiary) in Celle, and from 1832 was Medicinalrath in Hildesheim, Hofrath and director of the mental institution established in the St. Michaelis monastery in 1827. At the time of his death in 1861 he had been retired from this field of work for some years.


  • Diss . . . sistens primas lineas pathologiae comparatae.
    Doctoral dissertation, Göttingen, 1804.
  • Neue Untersuchungen über die innere Organisation des Gehirns. 1831.
    [Müller’s] Archiv für Anatomie, Physiologie und wissenschaftliche Medizin, Berlin, 1841.

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