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Cary Eggleston

Born  1884
Died  1966

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American physician, born August 18, 1884, Brooklyn, New York; died 1966.

Biography of Cary Eggleston

Cary Eggleston attended the University of Jena and subsequently studied at the Cornell University Medical School, Ithaca, where he became doctor of medicine in 1907. After working in various New York hospitals, he was an instructor at the Cornell University Medical Scholl from 1911 to 1918, 1918 to 1923 an assistant professor of pharmacology, and in 1923 he was appointed assistant professor of clinical medicine. He was assistant attending physician to the City Hospital, New York 1915-1918, adj. assistant attending physician to the Bellevue Hospital 1919-1923. During the latter period he became assistant visiting physician.

Besides his own numerous publications, many of which concerned pharmacology and therapy, Eggleston contributed to Cecil’s Textbook of Medicine, Nelson’s Loose leaf system of medicine


  • Essentials of prescription writing.
    Philadelphia and London, 1913; 3rd edition, 1924.

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