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Henri Gougerot

Born  1881
Died  1955

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French dermatologist, born July 2, 1881, Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine; died 1955.

Biography of Henri Gougerot

Henri Gougerot qualified as a doctor of medicine from the University of Paris in 1908, and became professor agrégé at the faculty of medicine in 1910. During World War I he served in the French Army, being awarded the Croix de Guerre. In 1928 he was appointed to the chair of dermatology and syphilology at Paris and became chief physician at the Hôpital St. Louis, a post he held until he died.

In 1909 Gougerot first described hemisporosis and with de Beurmann he delineated sporotrichosis in 1912. He wrote on numerous other aspects of dermatology including sarcoidosis, lupus and cutaneous papillomatosis. In 1936 he was made an honorary foreign member of the British Association of Dermatology.

Gougerot was the publisher of Archives dermato-syphiligraphiques de la clinique de l’hôpital Saint-Louis.

With Ferdinand-Jean Darier (1856-1938) and Raymond Jacques Adrien Sabouraud (1864-1938), he edited the text of dermatology Nouvelle Pratique Dermatologique which was published in 8 volumes in 1936.

His list of publications contains no less than 2.500 items!


  • Bacillo-tuberculose non folliculaire. Paris, 1909.
  • Mycoses nouvelles: l'hémisporose. Ostéite humaine primitive du tibia due à l'Hémispora Stellata.
    With Pierre Jean Baptiste Caraven (1879-1958). Paris, 1911.
    Hemisporisis described.
  • Les nouvelles mycoses.
    With Charles Lucien de Beurmann (1851-1923). Paris, 1911.
  • Les sporotrichoses. With C. L. de Beurmann. Paris, F. Alcan, 1912.
    First description of spirotrichosis.
  • La syphilis expérimentale dans ses rapports avec la clinique. Paris, 1913.
  • Bacillo-tuberculose non folliculaire. Paris, 1913.
  • Le traitement de la syphilis en clientèle. Paris, 1914; 3rd edition, 1927.
  • La dermatologie en clintèle. Paris, 1916; 3rd edition, 1927.
  • La lutte antivénérienne. Paris, 1918.
  • Carnet calendrier de traitement antisyphilitiques. Paris, 1920.
  • Démonstrations cliniques et thérapeutiques sur les actualités médicales.
    Paris, 1924.
  • Dermatose et gestation. Paris, 1924.

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