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Louis-Félix Terrier

Born  1837
Died  1908

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French physician, born August 31, 1837, Paris; died April 8, 1908, Paris.

Biography of Louis-Félix Terrier

Louis-Felix Terrier attended the veterinary academy Maison Alfort from 1854 but in 1857 changed to medical studies in Paris. From 1862 he was an interne des hôpitaux, working with Jean-François Jarjavay (1815–1868), Nathan Oulmont (1815-1884), and Charles Marie Édouard Chassaignac (1805-1879). Having received his doctorate in 1870, he became professeur agrégé in 1872, chirurgien de Bureau central in 1873. He was a surgeon to the Hôpital Salpêtrière from 1878, Saint-Antoine from 1882 and from 1883 at Bichat. From 1892 he was a member of the Academy and professor of clinical surgery at the faculty, working in the Pitié.

Terrier published numerous papers in the Revue de chirurgie, of which he was co-publisher. In 1872 he published the fifth edition of Jean-Alexandre Jamain's (1816-1862) Manuel de petite chirurgie. This work was first published in 1844. German translation by Jos. Herzfelder in Quedlinburg, 1854.

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  • De l'oesophagotomie externe. Doctoral thesis, Paris, Baillière, 1870.
  • Des anévrismes cirsoïdes. Thesis for agrégé. Paris, Baillière, 1872.
  • Manual de pathologie et clinique chirurgicales.
    Paris, Baillière-Alcan, 1876-1896.
  • Manuel de pathologie chirurgicale. 1877.
  • Élements de pathologie chirurgicale générale. 1885 to 1890.
  • Remarques cliniques sur 8 séries de 25 ovariotomies.
  • Statistiques des opérations pratiquées à Bichat.
  • Éléments de Pathologie chirurgicale générale. Paris, Alcan, 1885.
  • Chirurgie de l’éstomac. With Henri Albert Hartmann. Paris, 1899.
  • Chirurgie du foie et des voies biliares. Paris, 1901.

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