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Friedrich Dimmer

Born  1855
Died  1926

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Geman ophthalmologist, born November 7, 1855, Prague; died March 7, 1926, Vienna.

Biography of Friedrich Dimmer

Friedrich Dimmer studied in Prague and Vienna, receiving his doctorate in 1878. In 1880 he became assistant in the Vienna eye clinic under Carl Ferdinand von Arlt (1812-1887), Eduard Jaeger von Jaxtthal (1818-1884) and Ernst Fuchs (1851-1930), Fuchs. Becoming Privatdozent for ophthalmology in 1885, he was appointed ordinarius at Innsbruck in 1895 and from 1897 to 1900 was in charge of the university clinic for ophthalmology and optometry. In 1900 he moved to the same tenure in Graz, where he was dean of the medical faculty 1902-1903. In 1910 he moved on to Vienna.

Dimmer worked intensely on the scientific expansion of his discipline. He was a leader int he field of ophthalmoscopy. Of particular importance were his investigations on eyeglass correction of aphakia, on light reflexes on the retina, on the anatomy and physiology of the macula lutea, and on syphilis of the eye. He spent years perfectioning photographing of the optic fundus. He was the first to demonstrate the yellow colour of the fundus of the fovea.


    Besides numerous papers in journals he wrote:
  • Der Augenspiegel und die ophthalmologische Diagnostik.
    Vienna, 1887; 3rd edition, 1921.
  • Die ophthalmoscopischen Lichtreflexe der Netzhaut. Vienna, 1891.
  • Beiträge zur Anatomie und Physiologie der macula lutea. Vienna, 1894.
  • Die Photographie des Augenhintergrundes. Wiesbaden, 1907.

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