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Grigorii Ivanovich Rossolimo

Born  1860-12-05
Died  1928

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Russian neurologist, born December 5, 1860, Odessa; died September 1928, Moscow.

Biography of Grigorii Ivanovich Rossolimo

Grigorii Ivanovich Rossolimo graduated from the medical faculty in Moscow in 1884 and subsequently worked in Alexis Jakovlevich Koshewnikov's (1836-1902) clinic of neurological disease. He received his medical doctorate in 1887 and was habilitated as a lecturer – Privatdozent – in 1889. The following year he was appointed head of the department of neurologic disease at the clinic of internal disease under Alexis A. Ostroumov (1844-1908).

In 1911, with a group of professors and lecturers, he resigned from the university in protest against reactionary reforms by the minister of education, and founded an institute for child psychology and neurology. Rossolimo now concentrated more of his efforts in neuropathology, but also took a vivid interest in normal and pathological paedology. I

In 1917, when he was called to the chair of neuropathology at the I. state university in Moscow, he there established a department for child psycho-neurology and defectivity.

Also being professor of pathological Pädologie, in his pedagogic activity he grouped children according to their psycho-physiological peculiarities. In this purpose he was served by his experimental-psychological methods, of which the so called psychological profile became particularly well known. Rossolimo devised instruments for investigations of some symptoms, among them a brain topograph for the projection of various parts of the brain on the skull.

Rossolimo was one of the founders of Sergei Sergeievich Korsakoff’s (1853-1900) Zhurnal nevropatologii i psychiatrii S.S. Korsakoff [Journal of Neurology and Psychology], and editor of the parts on neuropathology and psychiatry in the large Russian medical encyclopaedia (first edition). Grigorii Ivanovich Rossolimo published 107 articles.

Besides the eponyms entered separately, Rossolimo's name is attached different instruments for neurologic investigations: Rossolimo's brain topograph, Rossolimo's brain topograph's clonometer, Rossolimo's diadochokymograph, Rossolimo's synergometer, Rossolimo's orthokynometer, Rossolimo's orthostatometer, Rossolimo's prozopometer, Rossolimo's dermografometer etc.

We thank Zoran Bojanic, Serbia, for information submitted.


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