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Christoph Friedrich Jaeger Ritter von Jaxtthal

Born  1784
Died  1871

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Austrian ophthalmologist, born September 4, 1784, Kirchberg and der Jaxt; died December 25, 1871.

Biography of Christoph Friedrich Jaeger Ritter von Jaxtthal

Christoph Friedrich Jaeger Ritter von Jaxtthal was born in Kirchberg an der Jaxt, in what was then the principality of Hohenlohe. He first studied in Vienna and finally in Landshut, where he became doctor of medicine and surgery. He came to Vienna in 1808 and in 1809 served as a head physician in the Austrian army in the was against Napoleon. He then settled in practice in Vienna and became a Magister in ophthalmology. In 1812 he obtained the privileges of a doctor of medicine who had graduated from the University of Vienne (Wiener Hochschule).

His talents were recognised by the ophthalmologist Georg Joseph Beer (1763–1821) who took him on as his assistant, and whose only daughter Jaeger later married. After Beer's death in 1821, Jaeger represented him for one and a half year. In 1825 he was appointed professor of ophthalmology at the k.k. Josephs-Akademie, after having headed his own private eye clinic for several years. he held this tenure until 1848, when he retired from public office and devoted himself to his private practice. In 1865 he fell ill with a rheumatic-cathartic illness from which he never completely recovered and which eventually caused his death.

Jaeger's world-wide reputation rested entirely on his practical talents and operative skills. he wrote very little. Among his students were Julius Sichel (1802–1868) and Albrecht von Graefe (1828-1870). His son was the oculist Eduard Jaeger Ritter von Jaxtthal (1818–1884).

Jaager was personal physician to Klemens Wenzel Nepomuk Lothar, Fürst von Metternich-Winneburg-Beilstein (in short: Prince Metternich) (1773–1859).


  • De karatonyxide. Doctoral dissertation, Vienna, 1812.
  • De ägyptische Augenentzündung. Vienna, 1840.

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