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André Léri

Born  1875
Died  1930

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French physician, born 1875, Paris; died September 8, 1930, Switzerland.

Biography of André Léri

André Léri studied in Paris, mainly as a pupil of Joseph Babinski (1857-1932) and Pierre Marie (1853-1940), and received his doctorate in 1904 with a thesis on the eye changes in tabes dorsalis. He became médecin des Hôpitaix in 1907, 1910 agrégé.

Léri distinguished himself in diverse medical disciplines during his career in Paris, publishing extensively in the fields of neurology, ophtalmology and psychiatry. Léri was president of the French Ophthalmological Society, but is remembered especially for his investigations of bone disorders. He died of a maligant bone disease in 1930, only 55 years of age.

Léri was a collaborator in the Noveau traité de médecine.


  • Cécité et tabes. Paris, 1904.
  • Spondylose rhizomélique.
    Handbuch der Neurologie. Volume 2. Berlin, 1911.
  • Die Akromegalie.
  • Die Pagetsche Knochenkrankheit. With Pierre Marie.
    Handbuch der Neurologie. Volume 4. Berlin, 1913.
  • Commotions et émotions de guerre.
    Berlin, 1918. Translated into English.
  • Etudes sue les affections des os et des articulations.
    Berlin, 1926.

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