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Sir Andrew Aguecheek


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A character from Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night.

Biography of Sir Andrew Aguecheek

Sir Andrew Aguecheek is known for his desire to please albeit frustrated by his intellectual limitations. He consumed large quantities of beef and was suspected of suffering from liver disease.

Shakespeare's main plot is that of a shipwrecked girl (Viola) who, disguised as a boy (Cesario), serves a young Duke (Orsino) and undertakes love-errands on his behalf to a noble lady (Olivia) who falls in love with her but mistakenly marries her twin brother (Sebastian).

Shakespeare complicates the plot by giving Olivia a reprobate uncle, Sir Toby Belch, and two additional suitors, the asinine Sir Andrew Aguecheek and her steward, Malvolio, tricked by members of her household into believing that she loves him. More important to the play than to the plot is the Shakespearean clown, Feste, a wry and oblique commentator whose wit in folly is opposed to Malvolio's folly in wit.

"Had I but followed the Arts"

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