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Felix Lewandowsky

Born  1879
Died  1921

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German dermatologist, born October 1, 1879, Hamburg; died October 31, 1921, Basel.

Biography of Felix Lewandowsky

Felix Lewandowsky obtained his doctorate in Strassburg in 1902 and worked in that city as assistant at the institute of hygiene. From 1903 to 1907 he worked at the dermatological clinic in Bern, then settled in his native city, but in 1917 accepted an invitation to Basel as ordinarius and director of the dermatological clinic.

Lewandowsky published numerous works, of which the most important concern the pathogenesis of multiple abscesses in infancy, the demonstration of the streptogenous nature of the typical impetigo contagiosa, and above all studies of tuberculosis. During his stay in Hamburg, working scientifically at Eduard Arnings’ (1855-) department at the St. Georgs Hospital, he published the below book on tuberculosis of the skin.


  • Die Tuberkulose der Haut. Berlin, J. Springer Verlag, 1916.
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