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John George Adami

Born  1862-01-12
Died  1926-08-29

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British-Canadian pathologist, born January 12, 1862, Manchester; died August 29, 1926, Liverpool.

Biography of John George Adami

John George Adami studied medicine at Cambridge where he particularly devoted his energy to physiology. He continued his studies in Germany under Rudolf Peter Heinrich Haidenhain (1834-1897), and in 1888 became demonstrator of pathology in Cambridge under Charles Smart Roy (1854-1897). Carrying out important experimental work on cardiac overstrain, Adami and Roy considered that mechanical overstrain caused chronic thickening of the cardiac valves.

In 1892, aged 30, he became the first professor in the chair of pathology that had been established by William Osler at the Mc. Gill University in Montreal, Canada. In 1919 he returned to England to bceome Vice Chancellor of the University of Liverpool.


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