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Fausto Buzzi-Cantone

Born  1858
Died  1907

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Swiss physician, born May 21, 1858, Curio; died January 6, 1907, Novaggio. Usually known as just Fausto Buzzi

Biography of Fausto Buzzi-Cantone

Fausto Buzzi graduated from the University of Geneva in 1883 and obtained his medical doctorate in 1885. He worked for several years in Germany, where he was private physician to the great industrialist Alfred Krupp (1812-1887) in Essen 1884-1887, then Ernst Schweninger's assistant in the skin clinic at the University of Berlin. From 1887 he was also life physician to Chancellor Otto von Bismarck (1815-1898) and in 1899 became Preussischer Staatsarzt (Prussian State Physician).

Returning to Switzerland Buzzi became a liberal member of the Council of Tessin (Tessiner Grosser Rat - 1905-1907) and from 1904 a member of the Società Demopedeutica (Gesellschaft für Volkserziehung – Society for Public Education)

We thank Andre Trombeta, Henry A. Griffin and Patrick Jucker-Kupper for information submitted. Fausto Buzzi-Cantone is Griffin's great-great uncle.


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