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S. Myhre


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American physician.

Biography of S. Myhre


  • R. H. Ruvalcaba, S. Myhre, D. W. Smith:
    Sotos syndrome with intestinal polyposis and pigmentary changes of the genitalia.
    Clinical Genetics, Copenhagen, December 1980, 18 (6): 413-416.
  • O. Olsvik, S. Myhre, B. P. Berdal, K. Fossum:
    Detection of staphylococcal enterotoxin A, B, and C in milk by an ELISA procedure.
    Acta veterinaria Scandinavica, Copenhagen, 1982, 23 (2): 204-110.
  • B. P. Berdal, O. Olsvik, S. Myhre, T. Omland:
    Demonstration of extracellular chymotrypsin-like activity from various Legionella species.
    Journal of Clinical Microbiology, Washington, D.C., Seprtember 1982, 16 (3): 452-457
  • K. I. Draget, S. Myhre, K. Evjen, K. Ostgaard:
    Plant protoplasts immobilized in calcium alginate: a simple method of preparing fragile cells for transmission electron microscopy.
    Stain Technology, Baltimore, May 1988, 63 (3): 159-164.
  • M. I. Van Allen, S. Myhre:
    Ectopia cordis thoracalis with craniofacial defects resulting from early amnion rupture. Teratology, New York, August 1985, 32 (1): 19-24.
  • E. E. Dashow, R. Cotterill, T. J. Benedetti, S. Myhre, C. Kovanda, A. Sarrafan:
    Amniotic fluid embolus. A report of two cases resulting in maternal survival.
    The Journal of Reproductive Medicine, St. Louis, September 1989, 34 (9): 660-666.
  • M. I. Van Allen, S. Myhre:
    New multiple congenital anomalies syndrome in a stillborn infant of consanguinous parents and a prediabetic pregnancy.
    American Journal of Medical Genetics, New York, March 15, 1991, 38 (4): 523-528.
  • D. Berger, M. Inkelas, S. Myhre, A. Mishler:
    Developing health education materials for inner-city low literacy parents.
    Public Health Reports, 1994, 109 (2): 168-172.
  • S. S. Hong, E. Szolajska, G. Schoehn, L. Franqueville, S. Myre, L. Lindholm, R. W. Ruigrok, P. Boulanger, J, Chroboczek:
    The 100K-chaperone protein from adenovirus serotype 2 (Subgroup C) assists in trimerization and nuclear localization of hexons from subgroups C and B adenoviruses.
    Journal of Molecular Biology, London, September 9, 2005, 352 (1): 125-138.
  • Simen Myhre, Henrik Tveit, Torulf Mollestad, Astrid Lægreid:
    Additional Gene Ontology structure for improved biological reasoning.
    Bioinformatics, Oxford, England, August 15, 2006, 22 (16): 2020-2027
  • L. O. Baumbusch, S. Myhre, A. Langerød, A. Bergamaschi, S. B. Geisler, P. E. Lønning, W. Peppert, I. Dornreiter, A. L. Børresen-Dale:
    Expression of full-length p53 and its isoform Deltap53 in breast carcinomas in relation to mutation status and clinical parameters.
    Molecular Cancer, October 20, 2006, 5: 47.
  • S. Myhre, P. henning, O. Granio, A. S. Tylö, P. A. Nygren, S. Olofsson, P. Boulanger, L. Lindholm, S. S. Hong:
    Decreased immune reactivity towards a knobless, affibody-targeted adenovirus type 5 vector. Gene Therapy, London, February 2007, 14 (4): 376-381.
  • J. Vellinga, J. de Vrij, S. Myhre, T. Uil, P. Martineay, L. Lindholm, R. C. Hoeben:
    Efficient incorporation of a functional hyper-stable single-chain antibody fragment protein-IX fusion in the adenovirus capsid.
    Gene Therapy, April 2007, 14 (8): 664-670.
  • M. K. Magnusson, P. Henning, S. Myhre, M. Wikman, T. G. Uil, M. Friedman, K. M. Andersson, S. S. Hong, R. C. Hoeben, N. A. Habib, S. Ståhl, P. Boulander, L. Lindholm:
    Adenovirus 5 vector genetically re-targeted by an Affibody molecule with specificity for tumor antigen HER2/neu.
    Cancer Gene Therapy, May, 2007, 14 (5): 468-479.

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