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Gabrielle Lévy

Born  1886
Died  1935

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French neurologist (f), born January 11, 1886; died 1935.

Biography of Gabrielle Lévy

Gabrielle Lévy qualified in medicine in Paris in 1918. She then worked for five years in the laboratory at the Salpêtrière, and in 1925 was appointed a physician to the Hôpital Paul-Brousse. Her mentor was Pierre Marie (1853-1940), with whom she collaborated on the neurological consequences of wounds sustained during World War I and in many other fields of neurology. The topic of her doctoral thesis in 1922 was the late sequelae of epidemic encephalitis. Her main field of interest thereafter was neuropsychiatry. Gabrielle obtained the status of médecine at the Hôpital Paul-Brousse shortly before her death from a progressive malignant disorder of her nervous system in 1934.


  • Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease, Baltimore, 1935, 81: 725.
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