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Donald Ross Paterson

Born  1863
Died  1939

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British otolaryngologist, born 1863, Inverness, Scotland; died 1939.

Biography of Donald Ross Paterson

Donald Ross Paterson graduated in medicine from Edinburgh University in 1883. The following year he came to Cardiff Infirmary as a house surgeon and practiced as a consulting physician. However, he soon became interested in ear, nose and throat diseases, and in 1919 he became the first person to be placed in charge of this speciality at Cardiff Infirmary

After his retirement from active duties, Paterson pursued his interest in nurse training. Shortly before his death he recommended a House Committee that the necessary facilities were made available for training women as voluntary ambulance drivers.

He spent most of his summers fishing for trout in Scandinavia and walking around the Welsh countryside. He was also an ardent archaeologist.

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