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Duchenne-Erb paralysis

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A disturbance caused by nerve lesion of plexus brachialis during birth, manifested as flaccid paralysis of a group of muscles of shoulder and upper arm involving cervical roots of 4th, 5th, and 6th cranial nerves. The arm hangs limp, the hand rotates inward, and normal movements are lost. No sensation loss, or loss of sensation in a small area in the lower border of deltoid.

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  • G. B. A. Duchenne:
    De l’éléctrisation localisée et de son application à la pathologie et à la thérapeutique.
    Paris, Baillière, 1855.
  • W. Erb:
    Ueber eine eigenthümliche Localisation von Lähmungen im Plexus brachialis.
    Verhandlungen des naturhistorisch-medicinischen Vereins zu Heidelberg, 1874, Neue Folge 1: 130-137.

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