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Bárány's pointing test

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Objective, clinical test for demonstrating the existence of disturbances of the vestibular apparatus and its paths in the brain. The patient is asked to point at a fixed object with a finger or a toe with the eyes alternatively open and closed. With eyes open the patient holds his arm upwards and then lowers it to a horizontal position, so that it points at the investigator's index finger. In damages of vestibularis there are disturbances of coordination and the patient points past.


  • R. Bárány:
    Untersuchungen über den vom Vestibularapparat des Ohres reflektorisch ausgelösten rhytmischen Nystagmus und seine Begleiterscheinungen. (Ein Beitrag zur Physiologie und Pathologie des Bogengangapparates).
    Monatsschrift für Ohrenheilkunde, Berlin, 1906, 40: 193-297,
    Monatsschrift für Ohrenheilkunde, Berlin, 1907, 41: 477-526,
    Republished in book form, Berlin, 1906.

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