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Darier's disease

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Figurate erythema beginning as one or more erythematous or urticaria-like papules which enlarge in a centrifugal fashion to form arcuate, ringed, or polycyclic figures. The lesions spread to form large rings with clear central depressed areas. In time, the eruption disappears, often to be replaced by a new crop. Two subtypes are recognized: deep gyrate erythema which is marked by firm indurate borders and absence of scales and pruritus, and superficial gyrate erythema, which is characterized by indistinct borders, scales and pruritus.


  • J. Darier:
    De l’érythème annulaire centrifuge (érythème papulo-circineé migrateuse et chronique) et de quelques éruptions analogues.
    Annales de dermatologie et de syphilographie, Paris, 1916-1917, 5: 57-58.

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