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An annular pigment deposit on the anterior lens surface following trauma to the eye.

Vossius in 1906 described two different changes in the lens which he considered responsible for the appearance of the annular ring. These could exist either singly or associated.
He said: "If the ring is of pale brown color and easily demonstrated by focal illumination, it is to be regarded as a pigment deposit on the anterior capsule. The pigment comes from the pars retinalis iridis and is pressed out from the cells of the same consequent to the trauma. Its origin is purely mechanical. If the ring is not seen by focal illumination and appears only in the reflected light of the ophthalmoscope as a finely punctate circle lying in the capsule, then its origin is the result of degenerative changes in the capsular epithelium, or of the anterior layers of the lens, resulting from pressure."

We thank William Charles Caccamise Sr, MD, for information submitted.


Adolf Vossius:
Über ringförmige Trübungen an der Linsenvorderfläche nach Kontusionsverletzungen des Auges.
Internation Congress in Lisbon, 1906.

John Frederick Gipner:
Clinical and experimental studies on traumatic annular opacity of the anterior lens surface (Vossius' ring).
Transactions of the American Ophthalmological Society, 1929, 27: 296-313.

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