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Rosenbach-Semon law

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Lesions of the anterior horn cells on anterior spinal nerve trunks result in a paralysis of extensor before flexor muscles, and that the extensors are also the last to recover after paralysis.


  • O. Rosenbach:
    Zur Lehre von der doppelseitigen totalen Lähmung des nerv. laryngeu (inferior recurrens). Breslauer ärztliche Zeitschrift, Breslau, 1880, 2: 14-16.
  • F. Semon:
    Clinical remarks on the proclivity of the abductor fibres of the the recurrent laryngeal nerve to become affected sooner than the adductor fibres, or even exclusively, in cases of undoubted central or peripheral injury or disease of the roots or trunks of the pneumogastri, spinal accessory, or recurrent nerves. Archives of Laryngology, New York 1881, 2: 197-222.

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