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Richet's phenomenon

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Anaphylaxis. This was Richet's term for the sometimes fatal reaction by a sensitized individual to a second injection of an antigen.


  • Paul Portier (1866-1962), C. R. Richet:
    De l'action anaphylactique de certains venins.
    Comptes rendus de la Société de biologie, Paris, 1902, 54: 170-172.
    First full description of the phenomenon of „anaphylaxis“, the name itself being coined by Richet. Abbreviated English translation in Bibel, Milestones of Immunology, 1988.
  • C. R. Richet:
    De l'anaphylaxie ou sensibilité croissante des organismes à des doses succesives de poison.
    Archivio di fisiologia, 1904, 1: 129-142.
  • C. R. Richet:
    De l’anaphylaxie en général et de l’anaphylaxie par la mytilocongestine en particulier.
    Annales de l’Institut Pasteur, Paris, 1907, 21: 497-524.
    Annales de l’Institut Pasteur, Paris, 1908, 22: 465-495.
  • Milton Joseph Rosenau (1869-1946), John F. Anderson (1873-1958):
    A study of the cause of sudden death following the injection of horse serum.
    Washington, Government Printing Office, 1906.
    Forms Bulletin No. 29 of the Hygienic Laboratory, U. S. Marine Hospital Service. Rosenau and Anderson drew attention to the fact that animals receiving an injection of a foreign protein became sensitive to a second dose of the same protein. This reaction is similar to the anaphylaxis of Charles Robert Richet and the “Theobald Smith phenomenon.

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