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Kohn's pores

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Openings in the interalveolar septa of the lung. Pores between adjacent alveoli, or interalveolar connections. They function as a means of collateral ventilation; that is, if the lung is partially deflated, ventilation can occur to some extent through these pores. The pores also allow the passage of other materials such as fluid and bacteria.

It was Kohn's mentor, Gustav Hauser (1856-1935) who suggested the eponymic term "Alevolarporen von Kohn".


  • H. Kohn
    Zur Histologie der indurierenden fibrinösen Pneumonie.
    Münchener Medicinische Wochenschrift, 1893, 40: 42-45.
  • G. Hauser:
    Ueber die Entstehung des fibrinösen Infiltrates bei der croupösen Pneumonie.
    Beiträge zur pathologischen Anatomie und zur allgemeinen Pathologie, Jena, 1894, 15: 527-542.

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