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Elliot's operation

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A trephine operation with an iridectomy. Trephining of the eyeball at the corneoscleral margin for the relief of increased tension in glaucoma. Elliot's sclerocorneal trephining combined with a peripheral iridectomy – both done under a conjunctival flap – was revolutionary. His operation and modifications of that operation became standard approaches to open-angle glaucoma. There are still some in this world who employ this technique.


  • P. F. Lagrange:
    Nouveau traitement du glaucome chronique; iridectomie et sclérotomie combinée.
    Gazette hebdomadaire des sciences médicales de Bordeaux, 1907, 28: 2-4.
  • S. Holth:
    Iridencleisis antiglaucomatosa.
    Annales d’oculistique, Paris , 1907, 137, 345-375.
    Introduction of iridencleisis for glaucoma.
  • R. H. Elliot:
    A preliminary note on a new operative procedure for the establishment of a filtering cicatrix in the treatment of glaucoma.
    The Ophthalmoscope, 1909, 7: 804-806.

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