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Bowenoid papulosis

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A clinically benign form of intreapithelial neoplasia that shows histological features of Bowen's disease or squamous cell carcinoma-in-situ, induced virally by human papillomavirus. It occurs on the genitalia of both sexes in sexually active young people as well-demarcated pigmented warty papules. Affects all races equally. The condition was originally described in 1977 by Kopf and Bart as papules on the penis.


  • A. W. Kopf and R. S. Bart:
    Tumor conference No. 11: multiple bowenoid papules of the penis: a new entity?
    The Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology, New York, May-June 1977, 3 (3): 265-269.
  • T. R. Wade, A. W. Kopf and A.B. Ackerman:
    Bowenoid papulosis of the penis. Cancer 1978, 42: 1890-1903.
    The authors introduced the term "Bowenoid papulosis".

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