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Bateman's purpura

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A bruised lesion commonly seen on the sun-exposed extensor surfaces of forearms and hands in elderly individuals, and in elderly individuals suffering from severe malnutrition. Purpura with petechiae and haematomas along the veins of the extremities, associated with atrophy of the skin and depletion of subcutaneous adipose tissue. They result from very minor trauma which the patient may not even remember. They heal with a whitish, irregularly shaped scar, called a stellate pseudoscar.


  • T. Bateman:
    Delineation of cutaneous diseases: exhibiting the characteristic appearance of the principal general and species comprised in the classification of the late Dr. Willan; and completing the series of engravings begun by that author.
    London, Longman, 1817.
  • A. Basegra:
    La porpora senile de Bateman. Rass Med, 1954; 31: 109-110.

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