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Grawitz' tumour

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Hypernephroma - renal cell carcinoma. A malignant tumour of the kidney. A typical lesion is a yellow or orange mass about 5 to 15 cm in diameter, with irregular cystic and hemorrhagic areas. Most tumours are composed of polygonal clear cells in varying arrangements – tubules or papillary formations – with a high concentration of lipids. Symptoms dull pain in lumbar region, and later anorexia, asthenia, nausea, weight loss, haematuria, and hyperthermia. Occasionally, colic. Both sexes affected; most commonly occurring on the fifth or sixth decade of life. In 40 % of cases asymptomatic. Aetiology unknown.


  • P. A. Grawitz:
    Die sogenannten Lipome der Niere.
    [Virchows] Archiv für pathologische Anatomie und Physiologie, und für klinische Medicin, Berlin, July 1883; 93 (1): 39-63.
  • P. A. Grawitz:
    Die Entstehung von Nierentumoren aus Nebennierengewebe.
    Verhandlungen der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Chirurgie, Berlin, 1884, 13 (2): 28-38.

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