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Sjöqvist's operation

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Neurosurgical treatment for trigeminus neuralgia. Sectioning of the spinal tract of the trigeminal nerve by an incision through the posterolateral aspect of the medulla above the level of the obex. The operation is no longer commonly used.

French description: Section des fibres sensitives du trijumeau ai niveau du noyau de ce nerf; opération pratiquée en cas de névralgie faciale essentielle.


  • C. O. Sjöqvist:
    Eine neue Operationsmethode bei Trigeminusneuralgie: Durchschneidung des Tractus spinalis trigemini.
    Zentralblatt für Neurochirurgie, Leipzig, 1937, 2: 274-281. Studies on pain conduction in the trigeminal nerve: Contribution to surgical treatment of facial pain.
    Acta psychiatrica et neurologica. Supplementum, 1938, 17: 1-139.

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