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Skoda's resonance

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Increased resonance heard on percussion at the upper part of the chest, with flatness below it, heard above a large pleural effusion or area of consolidation. It is a peculiar, high-pitched sound, less musical than that obtained over a cavity

Skoda classified the various sounds obtained on percussion according to their musical pitch and tone. "Skoda's resonance" is an important diagnostic sign in pneumonia and pericardial effusion. Following Skoda'as work, percussion at last gained general acceptance as a diagnostic procedure


  • J. Skoda:
    Über den Herzstoss und die durch die Herzbewegungen verursachten Töne.
    Medicinische Jahrbücher des kaiserlich-königlichen österreichischen Staates, 1837, 13: 227-266.
    (On the heartbeat and murmurs caused by cardiac movement) Abhandlung über Perkussion und Auskultation.
    Vienna, 1839. English translation, 1853.

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