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Rydigier's resection

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Partial resection of the stomach. In 1880, Ludwik Rydygier was the first to perform partial stomach resection due to peptic ulcer disease. Rydygier as a second to Pean, and before Billroth performed similar resection due to neoplasm of stomach.

See also Billroth's operation I, under Christian Albert Theodor Billroth, German-Austrian surgeon, 1829-1894.

We thank Paul Rotmil for calling our attention to this eponym, and Rafal Kaczynski, MD, for information submitted.


  • L. Rydigier:
    Wyçiecie raka odŸwiernika zol¹dkowego, œmieræ w 12 godzinach.
    Przeglad lekarski, Warsaw, 1880, 19: 637-639.
    First extirpation of carcinomatous pylorus.
    Rydigier's patient survived for twelve hours.
    German translation in Deutsche Zeitschrift für Chirurgie, 1881, 14: 252-260.

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